Renting a holiday cottage? Here are a few things to keep in mind

If you’re the designated holiday planner for the family, that’s a lot of pressure. When the vacation goes well, you can take all the credit for that. But if the family doesn’t have a good time, there is a lot of flak coming your way. So how to make sure that your family has a good time on a well-earned vacation. Let’s start by sorting out the most crucial aspect of the holiday, the stay.

Holiday cottages are the preferred accommodation for longer holidays. They’re more affordable when the duration of your vacation is more than a weekend. It also gives the family a sense of solitude and privacy.

While looking for the ideal holiday cottage, you have to consider quite a few parameters. Here are some that the team at Cherished Holiday Homes say you should look out for:


Don’t spend the majority of your budget on accommodation. Travel needs to comfortable, and food needs to be on point. Cottage rentals vary over a considerable range. Pick the one that leaves scope for you to splurge on the other aspects of the holiday. Also, high rentals don’t mean that the property is better. As a sneaky and smart holiday planner, go through the listings properly to know whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

Read the reviews

Brochures of the property will not tell you about the user experience. Read the reviews to know about the ambiance, sanitation, staff behavior, and overall experience. If the property has a good number of positive reviews, then it’s a safe bet. If the property has negative reviews, out of which quite a few are recent ones, you wouldn’t want to take a chance. A holiday cottage would be your home away from home during the vacation. You wouldn’t want to spend it squabbling with the staff over trivial things.

Good properties get booked in advance

If there is a holiday season coming, holiday cottages with the best reviews and pricing will get booked way in advance. A lot of holiday cottages have recurring customers who keep them booked every year during the holiday season. So if you spot a lovely holiday cottage at a reasonable price, book it in advance. Cottage rentals also tend to go up during the holiday season. Therefore, a last-minute booking might cost you more. Our top tip for renting a holiday cottage is to book early.

Self-catering cottages

As fancy as it might sound, not everyone wants to cook during a vacation. If you’re up for it, there’s nothing better than booking a self-catering cottage. Self-catering cottages have an equipped kitchen, and all you have to do is buy groceries. You can channel the inner chef inside you during a holiday and try cooking exotic dishes that you can’t make in your routine life. Self-catering cottages are also the go-to holiday homes for fitness enthusiasts, as they can have complete control over their diet even during a vacation. Although, if you’re not a cooking enthusiast and want a lazy holiday, we’ll suggest going for cottages that have in-house catering so that you can chill on the hammock and order food and beverages whenever you want.