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Why you should become a member

We’ll do all the advertising for you and will work hard to get your advert to appear on all the major search engines so that customers can find you.

Customers who are interested in your property will contact you directly through your advert. This means you can control who stays in your holiday home and when.

Our verified trust badge

We offer the Verified Trust badge in an attempt to combat the rising number of fraudulent property listings that appear on other companies websites. Verifying your property is your choice, it is not a necessity to be a “Verified Owner” to advertise with us.

We watermark all your images

Photos are watermarked to deter people away from copying your images. Our watermark is of our company text and logo. We overlay it onto the image to show that we have permission to use it. We watermark your images automatically when they’re uploaded.

Sync our calendar to another

Calendar importing allows you to automatically keep Cherished Holiday Homes calendar up to date with an external calendar that supports the iCalendar format. Here is a link explaining iCalendar & the external calendars that are supported.