‘All holiday homes advertised on our website are privately owned’

Static caravans, cottages, chalets, lodges and more…

Spend less, enjoy more

If you are looking for a private holiday rental that offers an exceptional value for your money, Cherished Holiday Homes is here for you. Did you know that private holiday rentals are one of the most cost-effective solutions for housing during your holiday? When you choose a private rental, be it a luxury static caravan or a hot tub cottage retreat you can save up to 50% when compared to the average prices of a family hotel stay. When you are not worrying about money, you are free to spend more time enjoying yourself. With fantastic holiday accommodation at prices that are affordable, you can experience real luxury for less.

A space to call your own

One of the greatest inconveniences of staying in a hotel is the disruptions caused by hotel staff. In a private holiday rentals and holiday apartments you don’t have to worry about working around cleaning schedules and other necessities hotels require. You can enjoy your holiday home in complete privacy. Hotels generally confine you to a small room; private holiday lettings give you the ability to walk around and spread out so you can enjoy your family time without being too close for comfort. You can tuck the kids in at night and have some private time knowing that they are safe and sound with you.

Make your own schedule

When you choose a private holiday rental, chalet or holiday house you are choosing to enjoy your holiday your way. Since these are not package deals, there are no strict check in times, dining options, or tour schedules. You have complete freedom to tailor your itinerary to suit you and your family. You are free to come and go as you please, making plans to visit local attractions, restaurants, and other local places stress free and completely personal.

The choice is yours

You set your own wish list. If you want a private pool for the kids to splash around safely, you got it! If you want outdoor dining for you and your family to enjoy a BBQ in privacy, you got it! When you choose a private holiday vacation, you can enjoy all the luxuries your heart desires. Stay at one of the UK’s great holiday parks. Any requirements that you need can be matched to the perfect private holiday property so you can enjoy your family holiday the way you want.

Get all your friends and family together

Planning a trip for more than just your family? We’re here for you. Whether you are thinking of spending New Year’s Eve with friends, or a family reunion at a lovely country retreat – private holiday homes, farmhouses and luxury lodges offer plenty of space for the whole party to get together. But wait, there’s more! The larger the group, the lower the cost of the rental per head; so private holiday rentals offer a great value for group holidays.


Share the perfect family meal

Flexible dining options are one of the many benefits of a private holiday let. You can cater to your own family’s tastes by creating mouth-watering meals, cooked with the freshest ingredients from the local markets – or choose to escape the cooking completely and enjoy regional delicacies in the best local restaurants. Even if it’s just somewhere to make tea & toast in the morning, your own country cottage or open plan caravan kitchen is invaluable.

Great for the whole family, even your dog

Private rentals can be the perfect solution for pet lovers. We have plenty of pet friendly rentals to choose from across the UK and beyond. You’ll not only be able to enjoy a great holiday for the whole family but save money on expensive kennel fees and rest assured your pet is safe and sound. We have self catering holiday rentals with gated decking and enclosed gardens. Let your four legged family members run free on some of the UK’s best beaches.


How We Keep You Safe Online!

To help protect the users of our website from fraudulent listings we use a verification system. 

Owners who have provided proof of property ownership have the Verified Owners Trust Badge included within their advert. If no badge is displayed – it doesn’t mean that the owner isn’t “trustworthy”.  It simply means we haven’t been supplied with any documentation that will back up their ownership. 

Alternately, if an owner has been advertising with us for more than 12 months with no reported problems, we automatically apply the Verified Owners Trust Badge. 

The verified status is not a guarantee that your booking will proceed without any problems; it is simply a way of minimising the risk. 

All photos on our website are watermarked to show that we have the owner’s permission to use them in all our adverts. 

Our watermark is of our company text and logo and is automatically applied to each individual image when it is uploaded to the website by the owner. 

When digital photography arrived, so did the ability to easily “steal” photographs from websites, therefore our photos are watermarked to help deter people away from copying the images. 

A watermarked image is not a guarantee that the picture cannot be stollen, it is simply our way of minimising the risk. 

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