What are the COVID-19 rules in England?

All areas of England can be placed in one of four tiers, depending on factors such as how fast COVID-19 is spreading and pressure on hospitals.

People in tiers one to three should not travel into tier four areas. Across all tiers, people should now “stay local”.

The latest announcement to coronavirus restrictions in England mean that except for the Isles of Scilly, all holiday accommodation is now closed until further notice. All of England except those lucky islands are now in Tier 3 or Tier 4.

The exceptions remain in place for both tiers so holiday homeowners can only continue to provide accommodation for a reduced list of reasons, of which the most common one will be for work purposes including charity work.

To summarise the most relevant opportunities to offer accommodation:

Persons unable to return to their main residence; or use the accommodation as their main residence.

Person who needs accommodation for the purposes of a house move.

To attend a funeral.

For medical treatment.

In connection with childcare arrangements.

Respite accommodation for carers.

People required to self-isolate.

Accommodation to visit a person who is dying.

To provide accommodation for any person who is staying in that accommodation to provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person or a person who has a disability who is staying in the same accommodation.

Most experts have commented that these restrictions might continue until sometime in the spring by which time the prevalence of the virus is expected to have reduced due to the vaccination programme.

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Government updates What are the COVID-19 rules in England?

Information in this blog post has been taken from official UK government websites.