Focus on The Lake District

The Lake District, Wordsworth Country, is England’s most iconic landscape. This unique corner of Cumbria has been inspiring artists for generations, providing a genuinely fairytale landscape, unlike anywhere else on Earth. It is at once quintessentially English and profoundly alien. 

The moment you enter this enchanting landscape, you get a sense in the pit of your stomach you’re somewhere special. Ancient mountains, sculpted by countless ice ages, rise out of deep valleys. Their soft, verdant embankments soar into the sky, complementing the adjoining lakes. The experience is almost spiritual. 

The region is also entirely unspoiled. Aside from the odd farm that dots the landscape, there’s practically zero development. Everything here is pretty much as it was in the eighteenth century, providing visitors with a genuine window into the past. The towns are rustic, the streets cobbled, and the locals, well, local!

Getting to your holiday accommodation is relatively straightforward too. It is well connected via transport routes, such as the M6 and A66. And most other major roads are passable year-round. 

Renting Private Holiday Homes In The Lake District 

The unique magic of the Lake District hasn’t escaped the attention of the cottage rental industry. Today, thousands of vendors have opened up properties for keen holidaymakers to use as bases from which they can explore the one-of-a-kind landscape. 

Some of these sit right in the heart of the national park in towns like Ambleside, Keswick and Grasmere. Others you can find in chronically underexplored areas, like to the west of Wast Water or north of the Skiddaw range. 

Properties vary in size and scope too. Some are old labourer cottages that would have once served the many blue slate quarries that exported from the Lake District years ago. Others are contemporary constructions, featuring giant glass windows that provide stunning views of the enigmatic landscape beyond. Some developers have even taken derelict buildings and modernised them from the inside out, providing uniquely delightful accommodation for the outgoing traveller. 

Holidaymakers have a vast choice of the features they would like their holiday home to have too. The ultimate luxury is going for a day’s walk in the fells and then returning for an evening in the hot tub to soothe all those sore muscles. 

Private cottages always offer a complete set of cooking equipment, allowing guests to whip up a meal of their choosing. And many have ensuite bathroom facilities, utility rooms for soggy clothes, and lockups for storing bikes. 

There are hotels in the Lake District. But in many ways, they don’t really embrace the character of the place. The region is so rugged and untamed, regular holiday accommodation feels a little out of place. 

For the vast majority of people who come here, the private cottage is the perfect retreat. The lakes are all about going on long expeditions and climbing mountains. Climbing the region’s tallest mountain, Sca Fell, can easily take seven hours and it can be chilly at the top. When you get back down, you want nothing more than a warm bath, cooked meal and a comfy sofa to put your feet up. 

Why Rent A Holiday Home In The Lake District?

The popularity of rental accommodation in the Lake District is soaring. And that should come as no surprise. Holiday rentals offer a host of benefits you just don’t get when you stay in a hotel, hostel or campsite. 

The Perfect Base For Exploring The Countryside

The Lake District probably has the most impressive landscape anywhere in the UK. The combination and sheer density of mountains and lakes create unrivalled beauty. From cosy Buttermere to the windswept summit of Helvellyn, the scenes are enough to take your breath away. The national park offers a unique combination of unspoiled wilderness, beautiful landscapes, epic waterfalls, and fun activities for all the family. And there are plenty of amenities in the many market towns that bejewel the valley floors too. 

Holiday homes are the ideal accommodation option for anyone wanting to spend a week or two in this fabulous part of the world. You bolt out of the front door first thing in the morning and then return at night with your home comforts intact, helping you wind down after a long day. 

You Can Bring Your Pets

Pets love the Lake District. Here they can roam free on mile after mile of bridleways. Dogs can fly off their leashes so long as there aren’t any farm animals around. And, unlike many hotels, pets can bed down with you at night in holiday cottages. Such luxury! 

You Can Get More Space

Hotels in the Lake District don’t always offer the most spacious accommodation. Unless you spend a fortune on a suite, you get little more than a bedroom and a shower to yourself. 

With a holiday let, though, you get way more space to put your feet up, plus added privacy. Other guests aren’t wandering down corridors or past your room. You have the whole place to yourself. What could be better than that?

You Can Cook What You Like, When You Like

Long days on the fells in the Lake District is enough to work up a massive appetite. You don’t want to do anything but eat and eat once you get back to base. 

With a hotel, you have to pretty much put up with whatever is on the menu. If you don’t like your options, then tough. 

But when you have a kitchen all to yourself, you can rustle up whatever you want. Self-catering is especially crucial for people with dietary requirements.

Wrapping Up

The Lake District, therefore, has got it all. The landscapes. History. The rustic charm. And the accommodation. It is even well-served by the motorway network – a rarity for far-flung, wild locations. 

The best way to explore this incredible part of the world is to book a private holiday home and just enjoy the incredible environments and fresh air. Your holiday let is base, providing all of the comforts of home.