Why can I not see updates in my advert?

Sometimes after an update on the website has been done, it may not be immediately obvious what the difference and changes are and this is because you page hasn’t refreshed. “My advert hasn’t updated” is the cry, so in this blog we’ll explain and show you how to refresh your cache and browsing history.

What is browser cache?

To aid and speed up web browsing, web browsers download web pages and store them locally on your devices hard drive in an area called “cache”. Browser cache or Internet cache contains records of every item you have viewed or downloaded whilst searching the web. So, when you visit the same page repeatedly, the browser speeds up display time by loading the page locally from your devices cache instead of downloading it every time from the internet. Although storing Internet web pages/cache makes your web browser faster, you sometimes want to overrule the historic Internet cache, for example to see changes that have been made to a webpage.

Clearing cache memory

To view the latest version of a website you need to clear the browser cache memory (browsing history) from time to time, and this is possible by doing a forced refresh by pressing both Ctrl and F5 buttons simultaneously on your keyboard. Sometimes a simple force cache refresh won’t work, and you will need to clear the cache with a hard refresh.

Every few weeks its very good practice and good housekeeping to Clear the browser cache!, so don’t just wait until you say my advert hasn’t updated, to do it.

If you feel you need any support, log into your advert and message us through the live chat portal. There’s always a member of the Cherished Holiday Homes team not to far away ready to assist you.