Your Holiday Home Tutorial Video.

Welcome to our Cherished Holiday Homes tutorial. Our simple method of sharing our knowledge to help you.

In this tutorial, we’ll help you understand how create your advert and add your cherished holiday home rental onto the website.

By clicking ‘Create Your Advert‘ we’ll walk you through the stages of adding information so you can create the perfect advert to show off your holiday rental.

You will need your:

  • email address
  • contact number
  • property address
  • property description
  • terms and conditions
  • up to 16 photos

As an additional option you may also want to add more features, such as a:

  • video link
  • website link
  • tripadvisor link
  • facebook link

If you need any help when you’re adding you property, please click on the help button in the bottom right corner within your advert.

Later we’ll show you how to add prices and dates!

Our Story…

Cherished Holiday Homes was founded in 2012 by Lesley Ainsworth. An avid traveller who loves nothing more than getting away from it all. By building a community where owners and guests could connect with the click of a button. She’s made it easier for anyone to enjoy staying in, or owning, a private holiday home in the UK.

With a huge range of private holiday rentals waiting to be explored, and a whole host of holiday home advertising options at your disposal, Cherished Holiday Homes is the only way to holiday in the UK.

Lesley and the rest of our team have used years of experience, expertise, and passion to keep the costs low, and the rental options a cut above the rest.

Whether you want affordable luxury caravan hire, to browse a selection of the finest cottage rentals in the country, or to take a look at family holiday homes, we’re always ready to make it happen.