Proud members of The HHA

On 24th December 2019 Cherished Holiday Homes were awarded membership to ‘The Holiday Home Association’ (The HHA)

Managing Director Lesley Ainsworth went on to say “By building a community where owners and guest connect with the click of the button, Cherished Holiday Homes have made it easy for everyone to enjoy the pleasure of staying in or owning a private holiday home in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re staying, letting, or a little bit of both; we can’t wait for you to join us here at Cherished Holiday Homes”

About The Holiday Home Association

Self-catering holidays in England are a great way to enjoy the UK. Providing customers with the freedom to eat when they like, where they like, and something of the comfort of home. Nobody calls last orders for breakfast in a self-catering property.

The operators of self-catering properties are mostly small businesses, often represented by agencies that range in size from small firms handling a dozen or so properties, to agencies with a portfolio of hundreds.

Taking holidays closer to home is likely to be a growing theme. As everyone becomes more aware of the effect on the environment of air travel and the need for all of us to reduce our carbon footprint. Self-catering holidays in the UK are a relatively “green” alternative to a package holiday abroad. Increasingly the operators of self-catering establishments are going green themselves, with more and more effort going into recycling and energy-saving measures.

However, those running these small businesses are faced with all sorts of issues. Taxes, fire precautions, regulations, and all sorts of other issues have to be faced. EASCO is here to help, and to represent the interests of the industry. It can be a struggle on your own, so don’t be alone, join The HHA.