So, you’re thinking about using a holiday home letting website like Cherished Holiday Homes.

This probably means one of two things. Either, you’ve realised you don’t have the time to run your rental as well as you’d hoped. Or perhaps, you’ve realised it takes a lot more expertise than you’ve got for your holiday home to reach its full potential.

The task of choosing a good holiday home website is rather daunting one! and there’s quite a few to choose from. So what should you look for?

The goal for you is to maximise bookings, cover your overheads and make a profit, and the team at Cherished Holiday Homes sure know how to do that and keep you and your guests satisfied.

Here’s our guide for choosing the best website to manage your holiday let.

How to be sure you’ve found the best letting website!

Google is a useful starting point for your research. Search as though you’re the guest looking for a holiday home. Use search phrases such as ‘’private cottage rentals”, “private holiday homes”, “caravan lets” and “holiday homes direct”

The next decision to make is, How do you want to manage your enquiries?

In short there are two choices, Advertise your holiday home through an agency, who manage your enquiries, complete the financial transaction and choose who stays in you precious rental. This service will incur hefty commissions upto 30%, massively impacting on your profits.

Alternately choose Cherished Holiday Homes, who have a specialist knowledge and can reach a national market. We’ll steer guest enquiries direct to you.

  • You’re in full control of your advert.
  • You decide who stays.
  • You’ll set the pricing tariffs
  • You keep 100% of the rental income.
  • We’ll create you a beautiful advert, and all of this for only £10 a year!

Things you need to know before choosing a website.

No1; Trust your instincts, first impressions count!

After viewing the website, did you like it and would you book a holiday home?

Speak to the team, were they helpful and professional when you first contacted them? And did they answer your questions satisfactorily and without delay?

The general rule of thumb is, go with your gut instinct. If you think they are anything less than perfect, then you must also ask yourself what your potential guests may think…


Pricing – be wary of occupancy over profit

Beware of some websites who market rental rates that are significantly below their true market value. They may sell more weeks, have high occupancy levels and generate more income, but this usually means a lower bottom line, more work and wear and tear.

When you advertise with you set your own prices. Letting at a higher more realistic rental rate, will achieve the same revenue by letting fewer weeks, plus you will avoid commissions, changeover and running costs. A lower occupancy level can yield a better return for less work.

Marketing expertise

Take a good look at the website’s marketing strategy and how professional they look online and  do they have a modern, mobile-friendly optimised website that’s easy to navigate?

How are the properties presented – are they visually appealing? Can you easily see what the property’s like, where it is, availability and what it costs?

Would you want to stay there and how easy it is to enquire online?

Then, go and find out if the website has a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.). A good website should be making use of social media, as it’s a great business tool to reach the rental market and stay in tune with what travellers want. Cherished Holiday Homes tick all these boxes!

Proven track record

You can gain some wonderful insight from reviews and references. Any reputable website will have no trouble providing you with a few references who you can ask what it’s like to work with the website.

Online forums and Facebook groups have become an invaluable digital meeting place for people to ask questions, make observations and start discussions with their industry peers.

Then look at the company statistics and PR – how long has the website been in business? How many clients do they have? Are they growing?

Lastly, do a quick search for the website on Google and review sites like to see what kind of feedback they have and whether they have won or been shortlisted for any awards.

Questions to ask before you hire a holiday home letting website

  • What are the costs? commissions, photos, brochure, a charge to inspect, annual charge etc? (don’t forget the VAT!)
    • Advertising with Cherished is only £10”
  • Is there a fee if you terminate the contract early?
    • “Cherished don’t believe in other charges”
  •  How will they market your property?
    •  “Cherished market on AdWords, Social Media, PR, Mailers and Directories”
  • Do they ask for exclusivity so they’re your only letting agent?
    • “At Cherished we believe you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket”
  • How do they screen potential guests?
    • “It’s your holiday home so you choose”

When you find a professional holiday home website like Cherished Holiday Homes, who deliver on their end of the bargain, it’s in both your interests to keep the mutually beneficial working relationship going.