10 Tips To Convert Email Enquiries into Holiday Bookings

10 Tips To Convert Email Enquiries

You should be proud of yourself. You’ve got an enquiry, but choosing to advertise your private holiday rental on a trusted website like Cherished Holiday Homes was only the first step. As any holiday homeowner knows, holiday letting is a very competitive business. The success rate to convert guest enquiries you receive into bookings is getting harder and harder.

On your marks, get set go… the race to secure bookings starts from the moment you get an enquiry and doesn’t end until you’ve received a deposit and confirmed the dates on your booking calendar and THE DEAL IS DONE! The following How to 10 Tips will increase your chances of converting those valuable enquiries into bookings.

1. Speed Is Everything

Number 1 in our schedule of top 10 tips is the most important!

Have you ever made an enquiry and chose first one to respond to you? Late replies are the last thing you want. Did you know, its common place for guests who send an enquiry about your holiday home have probably sent at least three other enquiries at the same time. Your holiday rental has piqued their interest, so time is of the essence. So, you need to try to be first to reply and this means ideally within the first hour of receiving an enquiry. Leave it any longer and you risk losing the guest to the competitor down the road who replied to the enquiry straight away. It can’t be stressed enough that emailing or calling immediately is one of the quickest ways to seal the deal.

2. Call or email in response

Some guests leave a contact number when they make an enquiry about your holiday rental. If this is the case, call them straightaway. It looks good and gives you a chance to chat with them and sell your holiday let in a more powerful way. If you choose to call your potential guest, you should always follow up your telephone call with an email, recalling everything you discussed over the phone, confirming dates, cost of booking, payment method, and any other additional requests. Also, it is essential always to have a deadline for your offer, so that if you can keep your calendar updated.

3. Organise yourself

Before you rush to contact your potential guest ensure you have all the information. Know the guest’s name, it’s a big no-no to get their name wrong. Pay attention to any notes they may have left. Maybe they asked if the property is child friendly or if there is ramp access. Pay attention, check the details, and offer an organized and well-thought-out response. Reach out to the guest and have all the answers to their questions. You’ll boost their confidence and help them view you as a competent and trustworthy professional.

4. Get Personal, Stay Professional

Your potential guest may receive numerous automated responses in their search for their ideal holiday rental. If your response can stand out, you have a better chance of converting the enquiry into a booking. Use their name when responding and find ways to make the response personal. Did they mention they were coming with children? Ask their ages and then suggest kid-friendly things to do in the area. Did they say they were coming to celebrate an anniversary or birthday? Weave these into the conversation so you can build a relationship with the potential guest and connect on a more human level. If they can connect with the person behind the screen, it will help them feel more confident in moving forward with the reservation.

5. Up-sell Your Self

Use your email signature strip to point potential guest to reviews of your property and your website with more details/photos/video. Include your phone number, just knowing they can call you creates trust, as well as any Social Media accounts if these are worth showing off – social proof can be key to securing bookings.

6. Offer Incentives

As an incentive to get the convert guest enquiries into bookings. Make sure you advise them of any special offers or limited deals that may be happening for the period they’re looking to rent. It’s best to let them know at the time of first contact as it may stop them for continuing their search. Be as transparent as possible, quote a fully inclusive rate without hidden extras.  Also offer an incentive to book with you. A free welcome pack if they book within 48 hours and a flexible payment plan.

7. Don’t ignore enquiries

For many guests, renting a holiday rental will be a first-time experience. Even if you are fully booked make other suggestions. Offer alternative dates. Be helpful and remind them to contact you in the future if they are looking for a rental in your area. Many guests go back to the same ‘familiar’ destination time after time and they might come back to you later when you are available.

8. Follow up

Follow up all enquiries you haven’t heard back from to simply make sure the guest received your quote and offer to answer any further questions. You’d be surprised how many bookings this can lead to from guests who didn’t get your original response. Or enquired for so many properties they forgot which – and just need a gentle nudge towards yours!

9. Keep in touch

A large percentage of enquirers will not end up booking, however these have the potential to become future bookings if nurtured properly. Take advantage of email marketing newsletters, special promotions, and social media.

10. Keep It Simple

Life is busy. Guests are usually trying to plan this holiday in small chunks throughout their day. They don’t have time for lengthy reservation processes and piles of paperwork. Nobody said that converting an enquiry into booking is an easy job. In fact, this is a full-time job. Typically, the first enquiry response, provided it’s informative, personal, and sells the benefits wins the day.

Try using our top 10 tips and benefit from a better success rate.

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