Hello again and season’s greetings.

With the new website revealed its time for us to check in on all our happy homeowners. We hope you’re as delighted as we are with the new site and all the fantastic features that have arrived with our fresh vision.

Now we can see the live site, Lesley & I are adding features, dotting the i’s & crossing the t’s over the festive season, so if you notice something that’s not as you’d expect, please let us know. It’s important that you are happy with your adverts and how they are performing on the new site. We encourage you to explore all the new features available that will prove even more beneficial as the site grows. We’re already seeing development in our ranking and know this is going to bring more interest to your holiday homes. Once you’ve logged into your account, you will notice many new search features, please take a moment to add any new features that match your holiday home, I cannot outline how important this is.


Checkout your adverts

Do you have any issues or queries with your adverts? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a friendly member of our team will be delighted to assist you. We’ll make sure your advert offers the maximum possible potential. The website will continue to evolve, and we want to make sure that changes are based on real feedback. Please don’t be shy and do make sure that you contact us if you need to discuss any features. Don’t forget, you can now use your ad to promote your home’s unique features across a wider spectrum.



Scotland & Wales are going to be divided into smaller search regions over the next week, I will let you know when this is complete. Over the next week we will add further features, hot tubs, beach holidays, walking holidays, enclosed gardens and more. This will give allow your guest to search more specifically for their perfect holiday home.

The website is powerful and punches right into the heart of the big players at a fraction of the cost. Only £10.00 for 12 months, this includes renewals.


What’s next?

During January, the team will be working through phase 2, this will be to directly improve the owners experience. Thank you to everyone who have made suggestions over the year, they have all been considered and we will try our very best to incorporate as many as possible.


Seasons Greetings

From all of us, here at Cherished Holiday Homes have a great festive period and don’t forget to update your availability dates for next year. We will be working 24hrs a day all the way through Christmas and New Year, so please do not hesitate to message us. We look forward to continuing working with you in the New Year and are sure you will all see fantastic levels of success with your beautiful holiday homes on the new platform.


Thank you