Hello Everyone, the wait is over! Blog 4 

It’s been a long wait, but it’s nearly over. The brand-new Cherished Holiday Homes website will be revealed on Monday 17th December. Are you excited????……We are!

The new site will bring a host of benefits that both owners and guests can enjoy. Owners now have the opportunity to offer their private holiday rentals across a wider spectrum promoting its unique features while guests will be treated to more holiday options in more places across the country. It’s a total win-win.

The website isn’t just getting a face lift either. In addition, we’ve been updating how our algorithms work, meaning that when guests search for a property, they’ll get more choice, more relevance, and better diversity.

Our popularity grows!

As the popularity of the site grows, so too will the value for both owners and guests. The more people who use the platform, the more owners will be encouraged to rent out their properties, and the more choice guests will have, attracting yet more of both. It’s a virtuous cycle.

After months of targeted local regional SEO, we hope the site will attract many more visitors, helping to build out the network and cement Cherished Holiday Homes as a respected brand in the industry.

It’s now mid-December and as promised the time is nigh for the new website to go live. The new site looks fantastic and will revolutionise your experience of our service. Searches will be faster, results will load quicker, and it will be easier for guests to skim results for rentals they want.

Great value!

Don’t forget it’s just £10 per year to advertise a home on our site. Again, there’s no commissions or hidden charges involved, your income is 100% yours!

On Monday we will systematically introduce the new site, Out with the old and in with the new. Please take a moment to visit your advert and familiarise yourself with the improvements and update the new features.

John, Ben, Jack & I will be on hand ensuring the transition goes smoothly so please contact us if you have any queries at all or need some help.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each of our owners and guests a very Merry Christmas and give a huge thank you to you all for your continued support, it really does mean a lot!  The team and I very much look forward to continuing working with you all in 2019.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Lesley Blog 4 | the wait is over!

Blog 4 | the wait is over!