Building the ‘local face’ of Cherished Holiday Homes.

We’re happy to update you on our brand-new looking website launch!

Around midway through December 2018, we’ll be publishing our new site that looks to completely re-shape the private owners holiday rentals market. We’re revamping the website, so don’t worry if you load it up one day and you’re met with something completely new and exciting – that’s our aim.

 What does this mean for our Owners & Guest?

Well, the whole aim of our new website is to continue to build our local face in all regional counties. We’re really looking to expand audience targeting through demographics, which will help us generate more holiday rental opportunities for owners and guest. So, whether you’re looking to rent out a holiday home or trying to find one for your hard-earned holiday, you will benefit from more options, in more places, at fantastic rates.

We’re stronger than ever!

With the website using the latest 2018/19 website content management systems, we will target the regional counties using the latest search algorithms and this will bring more diversity to the private-owners holiday rentals market. For owners, this will mean that we’ll target guest and match them to your cherished holiday home, creating more enquiries.

What will our new website look like?

As for the actual look of our site, well, we’re building on what was great about our existing one – then making it better. We’ve been working hard with Ben our developer to deliver a clean and crisp design that’s easier on the eye and much simpler for people to navigate. But our primary focus has been on optimising this site, so we’ve employed David our SEO champ, this will mean it performs better in search engines results. This means we’ll be appearing on the first page of organic results more frequently, getting our face out there as much as possible.

Of course, we’re targeting local searches too, as part of our aim to build a local presence in all the regional counties. It’ll help build our brand, but it’s also incredibly beneficial for any of our customers using the site to advertise their holiday home. By increasing our search engine presence, we’ll get more hits, meaning there’s more opportunities for holiday goers to find your listings and book themselves in for a romantic weekend or long holiday.

It’ll be easier to search!

Along with this, we’re altering the way our site is structured to make it easier for guests to search through. This makes it much simpler to find the holiday home they’re looking to rent, without wasting loads of time trying to search through loads of different results. We’re making it faster, more responsive, and just generally more in-tune with our customers!

What happens next?

From now until mid-December, things are going to stay pretty much the same. Then, when the website launches, we’ll be taking things to an entirely new level. There’ll be a new look, a new focus on our regional presence, and the very best in personal customer service!

For anyone listing holiday homes on our site or renewing annual subscriptions you’ll still get low-cost advertising. Only £10 per year for your holiday rental ‘no commissions or other charges’

With our newly revamped website, you’ll get more enquiries, and way more bookings!

From the Cherished Team