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Advertise Your Holiday Home

12 Months ONLY £10.00

Advertise your holiday home with us.

My personal experience will help you advertise your holiday home rental and maximize your earnings potential.

Cherished Holiday Homes have an amazing choice of holiday homes on the website, choose from

Apartment Hire  –  Caravan Hire  –  Chalet Hire  –  Cottage Hire  –  House Hire  –  Lodge Hire  –  Villa Hire

My team will create for you your very own secure online advert. All you need to do is click on the ‘Start Advertising’ tab above, create an account and provide us with some text and photographs of your rental property.

Then sit back and we will do the rest. We’ll save you the hassle and expense of building your own website.

Within One hour your professional web page will be live on the internet. You will have control of your own advert live on the world wide web.

You can edit and amend your details at any time. Personalize your advert by adding videos and photographs.  Show your prices and availability details and display your holiday home on our location map. All of this can be easily updated at any time.

If at any stage you feel you need a helping hand you have the comfort of knowing we are here to help, a little help is priceless.

So if you feel you need some assistance we would love to hear from you, simply click or call 07870 963 963

How much does it cost to advertise your holiday home?

12 months advertising is only £10 per property

Theirs no obligation to remain advertising with us after your initial 12 months

Renewals for subsequent years is also only £10 per property

We do not take any commissions or make any other charges

Your income is 100% all yours

How do I place my advert?

Simply click on the “Start Advertising” tab above, and submit your our online form in minutes. Your professional looking advert will be approved and you can go live. Once you’re live you can add and edit you availability dates and bookings and be in control of your own powerful advert.

How do I pay?

Pay by Card, we accept all major credit and debit cards

When you upload your property details to Cherished Holiday Homes you will be prompted to make a payment. Click on the Pay by Card  button.